How do you beat a WiFi System that’s comprehensive, expandable, AND capable of spreading one seamless connection across your entire home? You don’t. Get up to 9,000 square feet* of coverage with our Motorola Whole Home WiFi System and enjoy the uninterrupted, buffering-free bliss of dependable WiFi. 

*(separate modem or gateway required) 

  • MH7023 Whole Home WiFi System Router & 2 Satellites
  • MH7022 Whole Home WiFi System Router & Satellite

Motorola WiFi 6 Family

From gamers to remote workers to binge watchers, the Motorola WiFi 6 product family has something for everyone! Motorola’s lineup of AX products includes the “luxury cars” of cable modem/routers and a value-packed mesh system. Each device comes bundled with motosync, at no additional fee. The intelligent WiFi app offers easy setup, AI-driven device identification, parental controls, speed testing, data tracking, guest WiFi management, and integrated cybersecurity. Create the safe, connected home you have been waiting for. 

  • Add-On Satellite MH7021


All the value and performance that you have come to expect from the Motorola brand is packed into our powerful, high-speed cable modems. These devices are equipped with proactive security features, broad connection compatibility, and advanced surge and lightning protection for a more durable, reliable connection. Pair with Cable, Satellite, Fiber, DSL and more.  

  • Best Value MH7600 AX Mesh WiFi System
  • Budget Friendly MB7621 Cable Modem

MoCA Adapters

Say goodbye to buffering! Create full Gigabit connections up to 2.5 Gbps between a router and any device having an Ethernet port using your home’s coax wiring. In addition to faster speeds, MoCA adapters reduce internet latency and increases reliability. It manages your WiFi more efficiently, freeing up bandwidth to give you the speeds you need for streaming and gaming. 

  • MB7420 Cable Modem
  • MM2025
    MoCA 2.5 Adapter (2 Pack)

Bundle & Save

The only thing better than getting faster Internet speeds is saving money while you do it, and that’s exactly what you can expect from our cost-saving bundling solutions. Own your own network and pocket that extra $504 in rental fees* over the next three years. When you bundle with a Motorola cable modem, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how you’re planning to spend your extra cash.  

*Actual savings depends on your cable service provider. 

When You Purchase A Motorola Home Networking or Security Product, You’re Choosing...