A seamless and secure connection made easy.

Unlike the common internet routers and wireless access points, MotoManage will provide you with ultimate control over your home network. 

The fastest and easiest way to manage your home network.

Peak Network Performance

  • Easily check your WiFi connection and view your router’s features.
  • Monitor each device’s activity, data consumption and overall health.
  • Run diagnostics with tools like Wireless Scanning, Network Maps, Data Traffic Usage, Speed tracking and more to easily troubleshoot performance issues.

Parental Controls

  • Create device profiles for each child so you can oversee equipment access and filter content.
  • Unplug as needed by pausing Internet access for an individual profile, device or the entire network.
  • Maintain productivity with set time limits and schedules for bedtime, homework time and recreation time.
  • Keep your kids safe by restricting access to adult content sites and automatically
  • quarantine connections to known bad sites.

Proactive Security

  • Read user-friendly descriptions of potential threats and their solutions to keep your network safe.
  • Receive instant security alerts for malware threats to all your home devices (like your thermostat or IOT applications) right to your phone.

Simple Configuration

  • Get set up in under 10 minutes (Even if you’re not familiar with mesh technology!)
  • Automatically receive Motorola updates with security patches to fix any bugs, tools to improve performance and any new features.

Optimize your home network for a seamless and secure WiFi experience. Powered by Minim®

Protecting your network and privacy will always be our top priority. That’s why advanced threat protection is included in your free MotoManage™ App.

If you’re looking to have more complete control over your WiFi, we’ll give you the first 30 days of MotoManage™ Premium for FREE with your initial product activation. No payment or credit card required.

Maximize Your Network with MotoManage™ Premium

Upgrade your MotoManage™ App for only $4.16 per month, or $50 for the whole year, to enjoy limitless access to a wide range of premium benefits. Renew automatically and cancel at any time. New features are automatically added and upgraded.  

See what you’ll get with MotoManage™ Premium: 

Free MotoManage™ Basic MotoManage™ Premium

Advanced AI Security to detect malicious behavior and stop all types of threats. 

Proactive Shielding against network intrusions, ransomware threats, Trojans, Botnets, Worm malware, spyware, known exploits, and more.  

Privacy Protection with advanced, infrastructure-grade cybersecurity to keep your identity and data confidential. 

Central Command Center to oversee each device’s activity, data consumption, and overall health on your network for greater peace of mind. 

Internet speed testing to check for bottlenecks and troubleshoot performance issues. 

Admission control to stop unwanted devices from joining your network, provide simple guest network creation, and protect your network’s password with access sharing via QR code. 

Immediate updates to keep track of real-time changes, including password changes, profile updates, and more. 

Parental Controls to monitor screen time, restrict access to adult content, and receive instant notifications when malicious sites are visited.   

Schedule Tracker to pre-set bedtime, homework time, and recreation time for optimal productivity.  

Profile Creation to easily track all users and devices on your network, oversee equipment access, and filter content.  

Time Limits to pause internet access for an individual profile, device, or the entire network right from your phone. 

Content Filters with four levels of screening for ad and tracker blocking, security alerts, and quarantining connections to threatening sites automatically.   

Extra Administrators to share network control by adding additional LAN managers to your network.  

When You Purchase A Motorola Home Networking or Security Product, You’re Choosing...